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About us


Thriving passion for pure flavor and our customers' enjoyment of our products motivates us to continue distilling the best nature has to offer into exquisite spirits. With no compromise in mind we aim to unite craftsmanship, the highest level of care and attention, as well as personally controlled use and purchase of the most natural and luscious bio-resources. Dive into an experience with us. Join us and let yourself be inspired and awestruck. Our stylishly renovated historic textile factory offers a unique and unparalleled setting for events, tastings, seminars and individual experiences of the distilling process. We also offer space for creative moments requiring focus and efficiency - find out more about this in our selection of conference offerings. Get in touch with us anytime, call us. Visit us and enjoy our hospitality. We would love to cater to your needs.

Our approach

Pure nature - Craftsmanship - Time. Nothing else.

We have formed a bond with nature. By using natures best and brightest we are able to produce excellent products with hand picked resources from sustainable bio-farms or the most flavorful wild herbage and spices. Only the best products make the cut.

Whenever possible, we use regional products and pair it with our rigorous work ethic - shunning additives such as artificial flavoring - to create an authentic and flavor-specific product of the highest order. We forgo the filtering process. Wouldn’t you also prefer to keep the aroma in the bottle, rather than losing it in the filter?

This takes patience, time we gladly take if it yields a better tasting product. For example, in our gin, every single herb is separately macerated and distilled. These individual spirits are then mixed according to recipe and blended into gin. Other than gin we also produce rum, fruit spirits, Raspberry spirits and brandies, Grappas/Marc and several types of Pepper, orange blossom, and chili spirits. We like to use new, unique and experimental resources in order to create an intriguing taste experience for you.


Christian Orator, a PhD of law with 25 years of experience in the insurance business, dedicates his career to his passion for ever better tastes and aromas.


Eva Orator-Pesendorfer, also a PhD of law, grew up around distilling and has insight into the process as well as the quality control of our products. She has advanced sensory capabilities and is the "nose“ of our distillery. 


Miroslaw Janiel, employee in production and distribution. As a trained plumber, he is also in charge of technical maintenance and always finds creative solutions for any problem.

Our Corporate Design

Our corporate design is based on a foundation of 5 colors, inspired by the warmth and energy of works by Karl Schnetzinger, an Austrian painter hailing from Salzburg.


His grand, abstract and emotion-invoking acrylic paintings have been a part of our daily lives for the past 25 years – at home and at work. Of course, they now join and inspire us at the distillery. Each of our product lines is tied to one of Schnetzinger’s paintings, symbolizing the character and vigor of the product. Through this, taste is visualized at our distillery.

Schnetzinger Bild

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