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Primal Bitterorange

Primal Bitter Orange

Our primal bitter orange is also from the garden of a Swiss perfumer on Chios, like the primal orange and original mandarin. Not intended for raw consumption, but great in the kitchen and very appreciated by perfumers, as it provides several fragrance components at once - with a digestible bitterness that we often know from English marmalade. Thick skin with firm mesocarp (white layer under the skin), little flesh, but distinctive orange-bitter aromas. Long-lasting, an experience. Especially for friends of delicate bitterness. Pitted and juiced by hand, the primal bitter orange is briefly macerated and carefully distilled before it can develop its full flavour during storage.

GOLD at DistiSuisse 2023/24 

350 ml, 41.5% Vol


CHF 79.00

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