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Cedro Lemonspirit

Cedro Lemon Spirit , 350 ml, 41.5% Vol

The up to 25 cm long organic fruits from Sicily are the epitome of the sun turned fruit. The Cedro has a very thick peel with delicious white pulp (mesocarp), which is often processed into candied lemon peel and also tastes delicious raw as a salad or lightly fried. The whole cedro with its only small pulp is cut into thin pieces and macerated warmly, slowly distilled and stored for a year. Sun in the glass, very lemony, little acidity, slight harmonious bitter note, well-balanced and long lasting are the essential tasting notes. Unfiltered.

Silber an der DistiSuisse 2021/22


350 ml, 41.5% Vol

CHF 65.00

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